The life of an octopus is not an easy one


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Octodad is a very strange game, and is difficult to place in any one genre in particular. The reason for this is that your goal throughout the game is to perform simple tasks like turning off your alarm clock or picking up an object with a tentacle.

Of course, carrying out these seemingly routine tasks may seem easy enough for a normal person, but it is a different story altogether for an octopus. And this is where the gameplay in Octodad takes shape, you can control each of the octopus´ tentacles independently... with all the complications that entails.

The best way to visualise the control system in Octodad is to compare it with the role of a puppeteer. The problem is that, along with the usual awkwardness of controlling a puppet, you also have to take care of the children and carry out tasks such as clothing them... at the end of the day your new favourite octopus is a great dad above all else.

Graphically, Octodad is a really beautiful game and thanks to its 'cartoon' look and its colourful graphics, the game manages to be very pleasing on the eye. It also has support for resolutions up to 1920x1080.

Octodad is one of the most original independent games of recent years, as proven by the huge number of awards it has won at a number of gaming festivals. Best of all is that it is not just a truly original title, but a really entertaining one.
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